How to Stop Find My Friends on iPhone in Best Ways(2020)

As a location-sharing app, Locate My Friends has garnered widespread focus on privacy problems. People always feel as being spied by friends and parents who can use Locate My Friends on iPhone to check their current location. No one likes to be spied, most of us want to get rid of being tracked by somebody else. Here comes a question, the way to prevent parents in tracking you on Find My buddies. Beginning in iOS 13, Apple mixed Find My pals and Find My iPhone into one program named Find My. In this informative article, we’ll mainly discuss the reason you should disable Find My Locate Friends on your iPhone and how to halt location tracking on Locate My Friends.

· Part 1: Why Should You Stop Find My Friends on iPhone?

· Part 2: Fastest Way To Hide Location to Hide Locate My Friends on iPhone

· Part 3: Fake Location UsingGoooch GPS Virtual to Discontinue Location Tracking on Locate My Friends

· Part 4: Easily Stop Sharing iPhone Location to Stop Find My Friends

· Part 5: What Exactly Does Locate My Friends Show When You Stop Allowing Someone to Track You?

· Part 6: Risk to Quit Find My Friends on iPhone

Since the program named Locate My Friends has helped people to discover and find their buddies’ location but it also has some cons that’s why it needs to be ceased for following reasons.

· Although you can locate your friends’ location with the assistance of Find My pals but this may also lead somebody else or hackers to stole your data in your personal data accounts or straight from the iPhone. Since the hackers and thieves may possibly find where you are from hacking in your Find My pals account. You can imagine the bad results if your phone gets hacked and falls into wrong hands.

· Another negative aspect of Find My Friends is that you may get requests from folks you might or might not know and sometimes from the guys that you don’t need to share your location. Although, it’s not a huge deal as many apps nowadays do so but it for some time to create disturbance for you that may end up being a hassle.

Component 2: Fastest Way to Hide Location to Disable Find My Friends on iPhone

We have already talked about why you should stop Locate My Friends in your iPhone. Now, let us move forward and speak about how to disable Locate My Buddy in your iPhone.

The fastest way to hide your iPhone place and stop parents or somebody else from tracking you Find My Friends would be to turn on the”Airplane Mode” of your iPhone. The”Airplane Mode” works off your iPhone’s link to all wireless networks, including mobile and Wi-Fi. That means that apps that use those features won’t be able to function properly. So, using this built-in characteristic of your iPhone, you are able to conceal your place readily. It is the quickest way to block your location from being monitored by your parents or somebody else.

How To Turn On Airplane Mode to Stop Tracking on iPhone?

Following is a short guide about the best way best to utilize”Airplane Mode” in your own iPhone so as to understand how to halt location tracking on Find My Friends or Find My (for iOS 13 and over ).

Open Control Center, then tap the airplane sign of Airplane Mode to turn it on. You can also go to”Settings” >”Airplane Mode”, and tap the slider to turn”Airplane Mode” on.

Once the”Airplane Mode” works on, your location is hid in only 1 step and your place can’t be shared via Locate My Friends.

Hint: For those people who wish to know how to stop Locate My from tracking iOS 13, here is a little tip. Should you turn off Bluetooth while you’re in Airplane Mode, your device will remember next time you turn on”Airplane Mode”.

Limitations of Turn On Plane Mode

· You cannot make calls under”Airplane Mode”.

· It turns off all radios.

· You will not be able to use Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Part 3: Fake Location Utilizing Goooch GPS Virtual to Discontinue Location Tracking on Find My Friends

As we’re talking about how to stop location monitoring on Locate My Friends, pretend your place is a great decision to prevent your own iPhone from being tracked. By usingGoooch GPS Virtual, now you can easily figure out how to disable locate my friends without them knowing.

Some main features ofGoooch GPS Virtual are recorded below:

· It allows you to alter GPS location to anywhere immediately.

· You can simulate GPS movement using a customized route.

· It will help to work with location-based programs such as Pokemon Go, WhatsApp, Find My pals, etc..

· You can look for a specific organize as your destination.

· You to adjust the speed freely to create the movement more genuine.

· Widely compatible with most iOS apparatus, supported iOS 7.0 and later version.

Step-by-step guides of using Goooch GPS Virtual to stop Find My Friends on iPhone as follows – iOS 14 is supported.

Measure 1: Install and launch Goooch GPS Virtual in your computer/Mac and click on”Get Started” button.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer/Mac through USB cable. Click”Trust” out of the iPhone display and input the display passcode to finish this step. After that, a map will load on your computer/Mac and show your current site.

Use the search bar on the top-left corner to look for your required location or you can also manually pin your desired location on the map.

Measure 4: After selected your desired location, then a pop-up window will display the exact location name, coordinates, and the space, then click on”Move” and your location will be changed both in your PC in addition to on your iPhone.

That is it. Your location on your iPhone is altered and Find My Friends can simply track your digital location right now.

Well, what are you waiting for, click on the Try It Free button try Goooch GPS Virtual for Free!

Part 4: Easily Stop Sharing iPhone Location to Cease Find My Friends

In order to stop sharing your iPhone location on Find My pals, you are able to manually manage location sharing function in your iPhone to prevent location tracking on Find My Friends. The measures to stop sharing your iPhone location manually are cited as follows:

Step 1: Open your Preferences onto your device.

Measure 3: Harness the”Location Services” and then tap on the slider to turn it off.

Part 5: What Does Locate My Friends Show When You Quit Allowing Someone to Track You?

When you start Locate My pal or Find My, you will notice a toolbar at the bottom with three icons labeled”People”,”Devices” and”Me”. If you toggle it off, your current location will not be visible to the people you were sharing it with formerly and your buddy will see a”location not available” label in their iPhone. You can also delete someone off Find My Friends and the person you deleted will no longer have the ability to understand where you are. But here’s a key-point got from apple official site discussions which indicates that it will inform the individual whom you deleted.

Once”Location not available” shows on Locate My pals, your friend will know that you don’t allow location sharing via Locate My buddies. In light of the aforementioned, we advocate using Goooch GPS Virtual in Part 3 to pretend your place, so you can hide your true location and disable Find My Friend without fretting about your friend knowing that.

Component 6: Risk to Quit Find My Friends on iPhone

Although many benefits of stopping Find My Friends on iPhone are mentioned previously, here we still want to tell you the risk of stopping Find My Friends on iPhone.

The major risk of this seems to be that in the event that you stop Find My Friends in your iPhone, then it may be harmful to someone monitoring you to get a healthy or helpful purpose. By way of example, parents taking their children Find My Friends for security, and when their children stop parents in monitoring on Locate My pals, parents may be anxious that they couldn’t find their child’s place when they aren’t near.


This report suggests and reveals some methods to prevent Find My Friends or make Find My disable. Either manually or using another program to stop Find My Friends tracking your location are a fantastic selection for you. But I have to say, Goooch GPS Virtual is your very best and safest way for you to keep your own personal place from being monitored. Take this advice and you will never regret it.