3 Best Pokemon Go Spoofer for iOS [2020 new]

Pokemon GO is one of the most popular games, even 4 years after its inception. Many people still play this game, even nowadays. If you are on iOS and are looking to catch Pokemon but don’t have the energy to actually go out, you can use spoofing. Here are the best Pokemon GO spoofers for iOS that you work even in 2020:

Goooch GPS virtual:

Goooch GPS virtual is one of the most user-friendly spoofing applications available right now. The client version is available on both Windows and Mac platforms. The application itself isn’t free, though but comes with different plans. The 1-month plan with 5 devices costs around 10$, while an annual plan costs $50. A lifetime plan costs $80 but is currently priced at $50. 

The reason Goooch GPS virtual made this list is because of its ease of use. You connect your iPhone/iPad – one that is running iOS 7 to iOS 14 – and run this application. There is no need of any sort of jailbreak as the application handles the location itself. You can change the click on anywhere on the map of the application to change the location for your iPhone. The spoofer application is not only compatible with Pokemon GO, but also with other location-based applications like Netflix, Ingress and so on. 

Features of Goooch GPS virtual

  • Is compatible with models ranging from iOS 7 to iOS 13 – which includes older iPhone 6S to iPhone 11 Pro Max and almost all iPads. 
  • Can easy mock location on various applications like Pokemon GO, Tinder, Ingress and so on. 
  • Allows access to applications that are region-restricted like Netflix, AnimeLab and so on.
  • Can set routes to follow when changing location on the map – which is helpful for AR-based games like Pokemon GO and Ingress. 
  • Can program multiple routes with customizable speed so users can move across the map without g
  • etting caught. 

iTools BT:

iTool BT Spoofer is another popular and updated spoofer for Pokemon GO. What sets this spoofer apart from the rest is that it is that it uses a special dongle that connects with your iPhone device via Bluetooth. There is no need of a computer system for iTools BT: it works completely well through the companion application on one’s mobile phone. 

iTools BT application is compatible with all iPhones that can get the game running. With the latest iPhone features of multi-tasking, it has become even more easy to use iTools BT. 

What makes iTools BT unique?

  • Needs to buy a separate dongle that costs around 60$. You might have to pay for shipping too.
  • The dongle can be connected via the charging port as it is compatible with iPhone’s lightning port or through a unique port.
  • Have their own dedicated Discord server for people who are having issues.
  • Regularly update certifications to allow people to access Pokemon GO and use spoofing without much issues. 
  • No jailbreak required as the spoofing works through a dedicated dongle that communicates with the mobile phone through the special iTools BT application.


iSpoofer is the final spoofer on this list but is in no case the worst. In many scenarios, it is the go-to option. Many people prefer using iSpoofer because of its simple platform and comes with both Free and Paid versions. The paid version is also the cheapest of the bunch: costing 5$ a month. 

iSpoofer is compatible with all iOS versions above iOS 8, and requires no jailbreak to work. 

The spoofing needs a computer to work, which might not be its Achilles’ Heels because the user interface of iSpoofer is extremely easy to use. 

It also comes with other features like automation testing that can help QA engineers develop their applications on iPhone without actually having to move from one place to another. Similarly, it also supports features like customizing your own routes, changing movement speed, supporting GPX files and soon. 

Perks of iSpoofer:

  • It Is based on XCode – an integrated development environment that allows developers to create efficient applications. 
  • Does not eat away at the phone’s battery and is easy to use.
  • Can allow easily changing the location of the player from one location to another without changing applications. 
  • There is no need to connect the phone to PC for the spoofing to work. It can connect with your compatible iPhone wirelessly. 
  • You can even use a joystick to move around your character, essentially making spoofing more fun. 
  • Does not directly mess with Pokemon GO applications, so the chance of getting a ban is very low. 
  • Has a dedicated Discord server where people who have issues come together to fix them. 
  • Regularly updates certificates like iTools to allow users to play their games and change location without getting banned. 

Final Thoughts:

These are the most popular Pokemon GO spoofers for iOS that need no jailbreak to work. We wish you best of luck catching those shinies.